Do you need cash now to cover bills, rent, mortgages, or other expenses? uLoan Canada now offers affordable, flexible title loans to Calgary and the surrounding area. Get the cash you need now with flexible and affordable terms by leveraging the value of your vehicle. Best of all, you get to keep driving!

Why Choose a Vehicle Title Loan?

Vehicle title loans are versatile short-term lending options with a variety of benefits. Title loans can be issued quickly — sometimes in as little as 48 hours! Title loans work by lending cash against the value of your vehicle. If you own a vehicle free-and-clear (that means no leases and no existing liens on your car or truck) and your vehicle’s model year is 2010 or later, you may be eligible to loan $1,000 to $25,000+.

Title loans don’t require good credit – in fact, we don’t even check your credit, or report to credit agencies! As long as you have a newer vehicle in good shape, you can get cash – FAST!

Finally, you get to keep driving your vehicle throughout the duration of the loan!

uLoan Canada is a Better Business Bureau A+ Accredited Member!

What is uLoan Canada?

uLoan Canada is a private lending company that wants to do loans differently. uLoan Canada does not rely on predatory practices and sneaky terms of use that hook their customers into long-term, expensive payment cycles. We wanted to provide the same emergency and short-term lending as our competitors at fair prices. We guarantee that you won’t find the same lending products offered at a better rate!

Title Loan Requirements

To be eligible for a title loan, you need:

If you’ve got that covered, we can probably issue you a loan from $36/month per $1000 borrowed, up to $59/month per $1000 borrowed!


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Financial Terms: uLoan Canada provides short-term loans with a variety of terms and interest rates contingent on the nature of the collateral and loan structure. All uLoan loans are valued at a minimum of $1,000. Our minimum repayment term is two months. The maximum term for any consumer title loan is 24 months.

A typical example of a title loan would be structured as follows:


  • $1000.00 borrowed for a 12 month term.
  • Interest payment due of $30/month including fees (36% A.P.R)
  • Interest expense over 12 month term = $360.00.