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borrow up to $250,000
against your valuables!

Walk in with collateral,
walk out with cash.

How it Works

Collateral in Possession loans are an easy way to get quick cash loans, no credit check required.

All you need is collateral to back your loan.

We accept all kinds of valuables as collateral, from jewelry to ATVs and more!


One of our underwriters will meet with you to evaluate your collateral. uLoan has the flexibility to tailor each loan to meet a client's specific needs.

We will hold your collateral for the duration of the loan in one of our secure storage facilities. Once the loan is repaid, your collateral is returned.
Its That SIMPLE!

what can I use as collateral?

We specialize in loans between $1,000 and $50,000 in value. Depending on the value of your loan, we can use almost any valuable you own as collateral. Some examples include:

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Cars, trucks and motocycles

uLoan Trailer Icon

Boats, Trailers and ATV’s

uLoan Tools Icon

Machinery, tools and equiptment

uLoan Gold Icon

Gold, silver, and jewelry

We specialize in loans between $1,000 and $250,000 in value

Not sure if your valuables will stand as collateral?



Get fast cash and keep driving with a Title Loan!


Collateral in Possession
Loan Example

A borrower needs $3,000 for an emergency home repair. They use their ATV as collateral to secure a $3,000 loan on a 12 month term at 36% APR. They pay $302/month.

After 12 months, their ATV is returned.

Real Life Case Study

Timing is the key! uLoan recently helped Mark W. solve a major cash flow problem after his mortgage broker called uLoan.

Mark had sold his home but as part of the terms of the sale, he needed cash to replace the roof and make some other repairs.  The sale didn’t close for over 60 days and Mark also needed funds to secure the downpayment for the house they were buying in the interim.  uLoan was able to secure a loan using the equity in the home that was sold to get mark the funds he needed to close both the sale of his home and the purchase of the new one!  This transaction was completed by uLoan within 48 hours from phone call to funding.  The borrowed funds were repaid to uLoan from proceeds available upon closing of the home sale.


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