Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, Lawyers, Bankers and Accountants

uLoan Canada can help you or your clients by bridging cash flow gaps

Realtors and Mortgage Brokers

  • cash advances on home sales
  • closing cost shortfalls
  • downpayment shortfalls
  • payouts of reporting loans
  • realtor commission advances
  • bridge financing
  • CRA payouts

Lawyers, Bankers and Accountants

  • bridge financing
  • cash advances on pending deals
  • GST/PST and payroll advances
  • receivable financing (factoring)
  • closing cost shortfalls
  • SR&ED claim financing
uLoan Women

uLoan is the Okanagan’s premier alternative short term financing company

uLoan thrives in bridging the growing gap between consumers and traditional lenders.

We provide alternative lending solutions solely based on a client’s assets. The formula is simple: Your Asset is your Application! A free and clear asset is all that is required to secure a loan.


Case Study

A local banker from a major bank recently contacted uLoan to help his client of 15 years out of a jam.  The banker had the client approved for a $35,000 line of credit for his business, but there was one snag in the deal. The client had strong asset value, good credit and monthly income but owed CRA $11,000.

A uLoan representative looked at his asset list and saw that the client owned a late model travel trailer worth upwards of $30,000.  uLoan placed a charge against this asset and lent the client the $11,000 the very next day. The client was now able to clear up his CRA debt and qualify for his operating line of credit with the major bank.  He then used this line of credit to pay our loan out within 7 days.  The banker saved the deal and a client by calling uLoan. A real WIN-WIN!


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