Mobile Home Collateral Loans

Do you own your mobile or modular home clear of all debts, and need a loan?

If so, uLoan will lend you the funds you need and get you back on track.

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Terms from 3 months up to 1 year (may be renewed after 1 year if in good standing)

uLoan Mobile House Front

Real Life Case Study

Recently, Ken. H from Kamloops BC, called uLoan with a problem.  Ken was unexpectedly laid off from his well paying job in the oil and gas sector due to unforeseen circumstances.  He knew he was going to be out of work for 2 months or more until the project resumed.  Ken owns his modular home worth $100,000 free and clear and the bank would not help him out with a short term loan for two reasons. One, because he was out of work and two because they are VERY reluctant to lend on mobile or modular homes.

Ken needed $7,000.00 to bridge this employment gap.  A uLoan representative went to Kamloops and assessed the home the next day.  uLoan was able to lend Ken the funds he needed within 3 days and he left our office a very happy customer.


uLoan Canada is not able to finance the purchase of mobile or modular homes, or provide loan against mobile homes situated on First Nations Lands.