Collateral Backed Lending

Short-term loans of $5,000 to $250,000, backed by your collateral.

uLoan will loan you the money you need now!

Against almost any valuable, owned asset. If you have collateral, you can get a loan.

Do my Assets qualify for a loan?

Collateral backed loans can be backed by almost any valuable possession you already own. Some examples include:

  • Cars and Trucks (or get a Title Loan and keep driving!)
  • Equipment and machinery

One of our loan specialists will meet with you and assess the value of your collateral. Based on the value of your collateral, time required to repay the loan, and total loan value, our agent will calculate the terms of your loan. You’ll get your loan funded quickly, often even the SAME DAY!


Real Life Case Study

A young, working couple came into our office with a need for a quick cash infusion. The wife is studying at the local university and the husband runs a busy flooring installation company. As is often the case he has lots of jobs on the go and no shortage of work, but was not scheduled to be paid from the contractor for at least 30 days. This left him short of the funds he needed to take on another large job, keep his employees paid on time and buy materials.

The couple owned a newer motorcycle and an older ski boat free and clear and uLoan was able to place a charge against this collateral and lend him the $3,500.00 he needed to keep him working and profitable. Within two months, the loan was repaid and his business was booming.