Real Estate Bridge Loans

Sold your Home, and need access to the funds before the sale closes?

uLoan can help! Bridge Loans available from $5,000 to $250,000. Call us now!

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Free up your available cash today!

Bridge financing

At uLoan we know that the best deals tend to be very time sensitive. We strive to bridge these cash flow gaps for our clients within 24-48 hours.

uLoan will provide Bridge financing for:

  • cash advances on home sales
  • closing cost shortfalls
  • down payment shortfalls
  • payouts of reporting loans and more…

Real Life Case Study

Timing is the key! uLoan recently helped Mark W. solve a major cash flow problem after his mortgage broker called uLoan.

Mark had sold his home but as part of the terms of the sale, he needed cash to replace the roof and make some other repairs.  The sale didn’t close for over 60 days and Mark also needed funds to secure the down payment for the house they were buying in the interim.  uLoan was able to secure a loan using the equity in the home that was sold to get Mark the funds he needed to close both the sale of his home and the purchase of the new one!  This transaction was completed by uLoan within 48 hours from phone call to funding.  The borrowed funds were repaid to uLoan from proceeds available upon closing of the home sale.